TimelineJS tips

TimelineJS makes it easy to create interactive timelines based on a Google spreadsheet.

Follow the instructions here (click on the big green MAKE A TIMELINE NOW button).

A few tips:

  1. Rename the Google spreadsheet template to something like “Everglades timeline” so you don’t end up with multiple spreadsheets named Copy of TimelineJS Template.
  2. Click on More Options in Step 3 so you can change the font and adjust the zoom level (if necessary). The Georgia and Helvetica Neue font looks best on mypalmbeachpost.com.
  3. You can embed links in the headline, text, media credit and caption columns using html like so:


        Which will show up like this:
          Charles R Noegel collection, State Archives of Florida,

    Florida Memory


Timelines, maps, graphs and other data visualizations

Some mapsgraphs and timelines produced by Palm Beach Post staff researchers.

Maps and graphs using Tableau, a free web-based tool for producing interactive charts, graphs and maps.

Palm Beach County home values 2000-2013
Palm Beach County home values

Homicide victims
Palm Beach County homicide victims 2009-2013

Business indicators
Business and economic indicators

Spring training sites
Spring training sites

Executive compensation

Maps using Google Fusion Tables

Florida aviation accidents since 2004

Palm Beach home sales

Origins of Palm Beach County place names

County crime data

Timelines using TimelineJS, an open-source web-based tool with built-in support for embedding photos, videos and other media.

Everglades timeline
Everglades timeline

Executions in Florida since 1979