Embraces Web 2.0

Via ORB – Oregonian Research Blog: has a page dedicated to Government 2.0 resources, including:


Ten things every journalist should know in 2009

10 things, with links to more information about those things. Examples:

2. How to use RSS feeds to gather news and manage them using filtering techniques (basic or advanced).

7. You do not have to own, or even host, the technology to innovate in journalism and engage your readers. There is a plethora of free or cheap tools available online, so there is no excuse for not experimenting with them.

10. Learn more about privacy. You can find a lot of information about people online, especially via social networking sites, but think carefully about the consequences. And bear in mind that it cuts both ways, if you do not do it carefully, your online research could compromise your sources.

And 7 more really useful things.