Timelines, maps, graphs and other data visualizations

Some mapsgraphs and timelines produced by Palm Beach Post staff researchers.

Maps and graphs using Tableau, a free web-based tool for producing interactive charts, graphs and maps.

Palm Beach County home values 2000-2013
Palm Beach County home values

Homicide victims
Palm Beach County homicide victims 2009-2013

Business indicators
Business and economic indicators

Spring training sites
Spring training sites

Executive compensation

Maps using Google Fusion Tables

Florida aviation accidents since 2004

Palm Beach home sales

Origins of Palm Beach County place names

County crime data

Timelines using TimelineJS, an open-source web-based tool with built-in support for embedding photos, videos and other media.

Everglades timeline
Everglades timeline

Executions in Florida since 1979





The next generation of data searching

Google’s public data search “makes it easy to find and compare public data.” Unemployment and population data (national, state and local) are available now, with promises of more to come. Google “population” or “unemployment” to see what it looks like.

Wolfram|Alpha, launching in May, promises to be even more cool:

What can it do? It can describe places, like Lexington, Mass., by its vital statistics, like location, population, weather, etc. It can compare Lexington with Moscow. If you type “LDL 180,” it will tell you the percentile of the population with higher or lower cholesterol and show you the answer on a chart. If you tell “LDL 180 male 45,” it will adjust the chart for gender and age group. It can chart the life expectancy of a male age 40 in Italy or tell you who was president of Brazil in 1928.