Making charts with

  1. Log in (or create a new account) at
  2. Click on Create new.
  3. Choose Charts.
  4. Choose type of chart.
  5. Double click on the chart to add your data and customize your chart.
  6. Customize the title and other text, and add other elements if you wish.
  7. Click on the preview icon to see what your chart will look like.
  8. Click on Publish. Enter a title and and choose Publish for everyone.

To embed in Medley or a blog:

  1. Copy the fixed embed code. (Medley and WordPress don’t play well with the responsive code.)
  2. Paste the embed code where you’d like it to appear in a Medley story or blog post.

For now, stories on mysite must be marked free in order for the embed to work.

On WordPress VIP blogs, click on the Add embed button and paste the code into the Insert embed tab.