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March 20

March 20 headline word cloud

March 13

March 13 headline word cloud



Public.Resource.Org is a non-profit corporation whose motto is “Making Government Information More Accessible”.

From the organization’s articles of incorporation:

The specific purpose of this corporation is to create, architect, design, implement, operate and maintain public works projects on the Internet for Educational, Charitable, and Scientific Purposes to the benefit of the general public and the public interest; to increase and diffuse knowledge about the Internet in its broadest sense; to promote and facilitate the expansion, development, and growth of the public infrastructure of the Internet by any means consistent with the public interest through other activities, including, but not limited to, publications, meetings, conferences, training, educational seminars, and the issuance of grants and other financial support to educational institutions, foundations and other organizations exclusively for Educational, Charitable, and Scientific Purposes.

ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer

From the site:

Nonprofit Explorer includes nonprofit tax return data released by the IRS in April 2013 for tax returns processed by the IRS during 2012. This generally consists of filings for the 2011 fiscal year, but may include older records. The IRS data release includes only a subset of what can be found in the full Form 990s. Wherever possible, we’ve linked to PDFs of the full 990 for each organization, some going back ten years, collected at public.resource.org.”

ProPublica also has an excellent guide for investigating nonprofits.

Visualize what the media are saying with Media Cloud

Media Cloud is a system that lets you see the flow of the media. The Internet is fundamentally altering the way that news is produced and distributed, but there are few comprehensive approaches to understanding the nature of these changes. Media Cloud automatically builds an archive of news stories and blog posts from the web, applies language processing, and gives you ways to analyze and visualize the data. The system is still in early development, but we invite you to explore our current data and suggest research ideas. This is an open-source project, and we will be releasing all of the code soon.

Media Cloud is a project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard. Read more about the project or give it a spin here.

Add Google News to your website

From the Official Google Blog:

The world is a quickly changing place and it’s getting harder and harder to stay on top of the news. With this in mind, we’ve just released a Google News–based element for webmasters and developers. This makes it easy to integrate headlines and previews from Google News into any webpage, and for newspapers to reach new audiences across the web. Whether your visitors are interested in business, entertainment or fashion, you control the types of stories in your personal news show. You can input keywords like “Obama ” or “Superbowl” or broad topics like “world news” or “politics.” For more information, check out our post on the AJAX Search API Blog or get started with our wizard to automatically generate the code for you.