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March 20

March 20 headline word cloud

March 13

March 13 headline word cloud


Making Tableau follow AP style for dollar amounts in thousand and millions in tooltips

Tableau likes to format all its numbers the same way, like this:




But AP wants us to do it like this:

$15 million
$2.4 million

You can use two simple calculated fields to make Tableau show tooltip numbers in AP style:

  1. Convert millions to decimals with this calculated field:
    IF [Amount]>999999
    THEN (ROUND(([Amount]/1000000),2))
    ELSE [Amount]
  2. Add the word million to the amount for the tooltip with another calculated field:
  3. Use both calculated fields (and add the $) in the tooltip:
    $<ATTR(Millions thousands calc)> <ATTR(Million for tooltip)>