Google image search

Google image search allows you to search an image’s URL (or upload an image) to find where that image appears online and to find similar images.

Beware that similar images may be visually similar but not necessarily related, as in this example:

image search example

Photographers can use image search to see if their photo is being used on other websites. Social media editors can use it to make sure a user-submitted photo of a news event isn’t actually an old image, and anyone can use it to find out where an image originated. (Click on the links in that previous paragraph for examples and for information about Tineye and other ways to do reverse image searches.)

How to do it:

Go to and click the camera icon in the search box. Paste the URL of an image on the web, or upload an image from your computer.

A browser extension for Google Chrome or Firefox lets you do an image search from any image on the web by right-clicking on it.