iWitness: Explore social media content by time and place

Try iWitness here. Note: It works with Google Chrome and Safari, but not Firefox or Internet Explorer.

About iWitness, from the iWitness FAQ:

Q: What is iWitness?
A: iWitness is a free, web-based software tool that makes it easy for people to explore social media content by time and place.

Q: How does it work?
A: iWitness scans social media services for content that a user has attached a location to. Any content without a location attached to it does not show up in iWitness.

Q: What social media services does iWitness support?
A: The initial release of iWitness scans Twitter and Flickr. It can also show photos and videos posted to Twitter that are hosted on the following services:

Photos: Twitter, Instagram, Twitpic, Twitgoo, Lockerz
Videos: YouTube, Twitvid, Vimeo

Q: What about Facebook? I love Facebook!
A: We love Facebook too. But Facebook doesn’t let us access the location associated with a piece of content. We hope they will in the future. Fortunately, iWitness is an open-source tool, meaning anyone can modify it or extend it to support new services.

Q: What browsers does iWitness work on? Can I use it on my phone or tablet?
A: iWitness works with WebKit-based browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari. You can use it on an iPad, but it’s not designed to work on the small screens of mobile phones.

Q: Where does the source code live?
A: You can access the source code repository at https://github.com/adaptivepath/iWitness.

Q: Who created iWitness?
A: These folks:

Adaptive Path design team
Product Concept, Project Lead, and UX Design:
Jesse James Garrett
Visual Design: Vanessa Stepanenko
Project Manager: Eun-Joung Lee

New Context development team
John Andrews
Alex Burkhart
Mike Enriquez
Adam McCrea
Jerry Nümmi
Project Manager: Mike Doel